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History and Chronicle

400 years tradition -

                       and where the name "Gell" comes

Our house has existed since the beginning of the 17th century and is also called Wegmacherhaus (Road Maintenance House).

The oldest reference to the origins of the Hotel Gell comes from the year 1632.


Our first ancestors were road maintenance staff, hence the name of our company is also Wegmacherhaus.

In addition to road- and way maintenance work, our first ancestors also operated a small farm.

Our great-grandfahter was a wood cutter and farmer and started some time before the 2nd World War with the accommodation of guests. He was a zealous host for friends, neighbours, merchants and business guests who used the Roman Radstädter Tauern Pass route over the Alps.

In 1954, the daughter (our grandmother Anna Gruber) took over the heritage.

Together with Raimund Gell, who comes from Fanningberg, she continued the work of agriculture and guest accommodation.


In 1964, Anna married her beloved Raimund and since then the name "Gell" has been in Tweng.

In December of the same year, Rupert was born and two years later his sister Elfriede.

Grandmother Anna expanded the Wegmacherhaus to a lovely guesthouse.

With much heart and commitment, our grandmother supplied our guests.


The successful reign of Anna ended in 1994 when Anna and Raimund Gell handed the operation over to their son Rupert and his wife Manuela.

The two built a new hotel with a 200 sq.m. spa area next to the old inn in place of the stable, which was completely demolished in 2007.

Even today you can feel the long tradition of hospitality at Hotel Gell.

Rupert Gell and his family have built a great tradition over the years, with much effort and attention to detail for traditional-modern but familiar hotel with special flair.

Guests from all over the world appreciate the extraordinary ambience and the historic walls of the hotel.

Right House: Guesthouse Gell and the inn

And ancient traditions still apply as they have for centuries:

  • The locals still meet at the pub. Hotel guests are of course welcome anytime.
  • Travellers and business people on the nearby A10 motorway and the B99 route pass through Obertauern and Katschberg find their relaxing environment during a stopover.
  • Tourists from Austria and many other European countries have appreciated the family atmosphere and enjoy genuine cuisine with recipes from grandma's kitchen and modern creations of chief Rupert.