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Apartment house finally ready

Finally our new apartment house is finished!
HERE to the pictures.


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Treat yourself to luxury & well-being

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Relax in our wellness oasis, and treat yourself to a massage from our array of offers:

» Classic Full Body Massage: (Click für Details)

Tense muscles are relaxed, muscle regeneration is accelerated, circulation is promoted, and accumulation of waste products inhibited, resulting in a deep relaxation.

 40 min € 53,- | 50 min € 63,- | 60 min € 73,-

» Classic Partial Massage: (Click für Details)

Ideal for tension in the neck and shoulder area as well as in the back or for tired legs.  In a relatively short time, individual body parts are treated and relaxed.

25 min € 34,- 

» Feet Reflex Massage: (Click für Details)

The inner organs are reflected in the feet. With this massage, individual reflex zones on the soles and arches of the feet are massaged thus stimulating the organs. A foot reflexology massage is mainly done by applying pressure with the thumbs.

20 min € 36,- | 30 min € 46,-

» Combination Massage: (Click für Details)

An ideal combination of back and foot reflexology massage. Tension in the back is relieved, and then the entire body will be activated and harmonized

Duration: 30 min € 44,-

» HOT STONE: (Click für Details)

The hot stone is a light massage of the whole body. Hot basalt stones and warm oil lead to deep relaxation.

 60 min €84,-

» Lymphatic Body: (Click für Details)

Soft, liquid and pumping massage to detoxify the body. Works very calming and eliminate fluid retention.

 30 min € 46,-

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