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Attractions and excursions!

Mauterndorf castle

At the Mauterndorf castle, an exciting journey in time back to the Middle Ages is awaiting you. Get to know the lord of the castle, archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach, and his followers personally.

A visit to the Lungau landscape museum and the 44 m high fortified tower with a fascinating view of  Mauterndorf and the surrounding mountains tops off any visit.

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Moosham castle in Unternberg

The Moosham castle was first documented in 1191 and is the former seat of government and administration in Lungau. In 1682, the witchcraft trials of the legendary "Staudingerhex" took place here. In 1886 the castle was bought by Count Johann Nepomuk Wilczek and renovated and equipped with valuable inventory. To this day, the castle is still privately owned and offer a comprehensive exhibit of interesting historical objects, where the torture chamber is the most gruesome memory of the dark times of the Middle Ages.

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World of Ice Giants

The largest ice cave in the world promises unbelievable impressions deep in the mountain. Here, warm clothing is required! High above the town of Werfen, in the splendid alpine world of the Tennengebirge, is the entrance to the largest explored ice cave in the world, which was discovered in 1879 by a Salzburg naturalist. In the 42 km long cave system, visitors will find themselves in the middle of a bizarre world of cold and ice whose forms are breathtaking and unique.

A short walk will lead the visitor along the cliff to the entrance of the ice cave.
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Liechtensteinklamm gorge

Let yourself be fascinated by the legendary, world-famous gorge in St. Johann. The roaring waterfall and the huge masses of water have carved their way deeper into the calcareous slate of the gorge over millions of years. In some places, the rocks are so narrow and high that the sky is often only recognized as a small strip.

Liechtensteinklamm gorge is always a worthwhile visit 
For the whole family, in any weather, on safe bridges and footbridges. Sturdy shoes and warm clothing are recommended for every season.


Photo exhibit: 100 years of skiing

Obertauern presents a unique photo exhibit for its guests with the theme "100 years of winter sports in Obertauern". Striking impressions of the once hardly passable Tauern pass to the flourishing winter sports town with international renown of today.

Free admission.

Opening times
Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 12:30 pm and 1:00 – 4:30 pm, closed on Sunday and holidays. (During summer vacation also open on the weekend from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm).

Wildlife and amusement park

The true-to-nature wildlife park in Untertauern extends over an area of 6 ha. Here there are 40 wild animals in open enclosures to see. 

At the entrance of the wildlife park, you will find the popular children's adventure land with swings, stilt house, and slide. Your little ones will also have the opportunity to pet and even feed many different animals such as rabbits, chickens, or goats.

If you are tired from playing, you can also explore the wildlife park on the "Funpark Express" train. After an informative and exciting day, look forward to taking a refreshing dip in the new swimming pond.

Kohlmayr family
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Nockberge national park

For every nature lover, a ride in the Nockberge national park is an unforgettable experience. The almost 35 km long road leads in 52 hairpin bends through the only European national park in the rolling high mountains with the largest spruce and pine forest in the eastern Alps. The slight incline of the route is ideal to be able to enjoy the uniqueness of the Nockberge, whose distinct appearance - its domed mountaintops - is among the great geological rarities of the Alpine region.

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Maltatal Hochalm Road

Just a little further along, and you will come to the Maltatal Hochalm road. Passing the interesting Malteiner Wasserspiele, this ride begins with a cleverly designed route through tunnels built into the rock and hairpin bends to the huge Kölnbrein reservoir. You shouldn't miss out on a tour of the dam wall.
At the end of the valley in Gmünd, car lovers will find the only private Porsche museum in Europe. Here the first car with the name "Porsche" was built- the legendary Porsche 356.

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Großglockner high alpine road

The Großglockner high alpine road is the most famous panoramic road in Europe and leads right to Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner. An excursion to the Pasterze of the Großglockner glacier is a must, especially while there is still a glacier there.

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Have you ever been to Sydney, India, or watched a space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral. No? No problem. In Minimundus in Klagenfurt, around 150 models of the most beautiful structures are presented from all five continents with a superb attention to detail.

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