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Apartment house finally ready

Finally our new apartment house is finished!
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Excursions for families!

Ghost mountain - St. Johann-Alpendorf

The gondola will take you high up on Ghost Mountain as the towns below become smaller and smaller, and above the summit station, the ghost train is already waiting for you. Get on board or hike along the path to the ghost village, where the first adventure is already waiting for you... 

Awaken the speaking ghost gate, and make your with way with Ghosty & Spooky to the 4 "ghostly" worlds of earth, fire, water, and air spirits!

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Hoppolino children's play paradise

In the former Pirelli Halle of the Grödig commercial park, a huge children's paradise has been created. Here, the entire family can have a great time regardless of weather and run around freely over 1,500 m2.

Kinder-Spiel-Paradies Hoppolino
Gewerbestraße 3
A-5082 Grödig bei Salzburg

Info hotline: ++43 / (0)6246 / 72161
Fax no.: ++43 / (0)6246 / 72394

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Nocky Flitzer

Make way … for the Nocky Flitzer on the Turracher Höhe. The panoramic lift will take you up to Carinthia's unique alpine coaster. In winter as well as summer, young and old alike can enjoy the fun of racing down the tracks over a length of 1,600 m.

At an elevation of 2000 m, you will speed down the curvy, panoramic track - through idyllic alpine meadows and between patches of forest back into the valley. For a real thrill, there are jumps, waves, and 3 loops along the route. Excitement and thrills are guaranteed for the whole family.

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The family park "Eselpark - Maltatal"is located in the heart of the Hohe Tauern national park in Carinthia. We house over 100 animals of different species. The park has an area of 30,000 m2 and can be walked through by visitors. It is also wheelchair-accessible.

The animals love it when you pet them, and brave children can even go for a ride. The children will be lead around the paddock and will be thrilled by a fun ride on a donkey.


Ponyalm Katschberg

For many children, happiness is found on the back of a horse or pony!

Our ponies are looking forward to taking you through our wonderful alpine world! Whether classic riding in the riding paddock or for experienced riders a few laps on the lunge line or our popular pony trail ride, when will we ride over the gentle hills of the Nockberge - there truly is something here for everyone.


Donnerschlucht gorge

In earlier times, it is said the Nockzwerge lived in the Donnerschlucht gorge deep in the caves. They secretly helped people with their hard work. The dwarfs were also known to watch over great, valuable treasures. The miners actually believed that the dwarfs were hiding a golden teeasure in the cave.

"The treasure of the Nockzwerge" - exciting, tricky treasure hunt with a map, compass, and much more in the Donnerschlucht gorge. Watch out for the dark figures, which are lurking along the Nockzwerge path! At the end, the treasure chest in the lake can be cracked with the right code – and the hidden treasure raised up. You are now accepted into the "guild of the Nockzwerge"…